Jan Ploski – Services – System administration

Linux-based servers are nowadays commonly used in many corporate environments. They provide a platform for web sites and networked business applications with high security and reliability requirements. With ten years experience in Linux systems administration, I can assist you in installing, monitoring and ongoing maintenance of your IT systems. In addition to common server systems I also support the deployment of computing clusters, desktop grids, and cloud computing solutions.

Well-organized and competent system administration plays a key role in ensuring the availability and usability of business-critical IT systems. Conversely, neglecting this area may lead to unpredictable losses, ranging from user dissatisfaction due to frequent service interruptions, through significantly lowered productivity due to failures and crippled performance, up to financial liability toward third parties in case of data loss or compromised data privacy caused by security breaches.

Despite these dangers, smaller companies often perceive system administration more as an unwelcome burden and cost factor than as a necessary insurance and foundation for productive work. In order to save money, it is delegated as a part-time task to non-specialist employees or helpers hired inexpensively. The scenario in which novice administrators gather their first experience and technical IT know-how on the job is not uncommon. In comparison to software development, for example, system administration is perceived as easier to learn and as requiring less planning. This may be true under some circumstances. However, when the previously small and isolated systems grow in size, number of users, interfaces, and business significance, it is a faulty assumption that causes unnecessary risk and hindrances to the successful development of organizations and projects.

The problems mentioned above can mostly be avoided by hiring a professional, experienced system administrator - preferably a team of qualified administrators. In this context I offer you:

  • Discreet consulting for decisions about the organization of system administration.
  • For smaller companies and user groups: complete responsibility for the administration and integration of systems, e. g. setting up file, web, mail servers, databases, application servers, establishing interfaces for data interchange, system monitoring and regular software updates, support for non-technical users...
  • For larger companies and user groups: participation as an external member of your administrators team, development of fault-tolerant and scalable system architectures, performance testing, quality assurance for system administration proceses, preparation of system documentation, emergency support in case of system failures...
  • Installation and support for Linux clusters (based on TORQUE/Maui/Ganglia), desktop grids (based on Condor) or cloud computing solutions (based on Amazon EC2) for compute- and data-intensive applications.