Jan Ploski – Services – IT consulting

In information technology consulting, I stand by your side with my accumulated experience from all past projects and assist you by executing focused research activities.

In contrast development projects, which focus on the delivery of high-quality software products, the major goal of IT consulting work is to provide you with correct and timely technical information and valuable recommendations. Several example scenarios in which you can benefit from hiring me as your external consultant are listed below:

Expert opinion

Due to their far-reaching consequences, strategic mistakes in IT, like legal mistakes, can lead to significant losses or missed opportunities (e.g. while selecting technologies). Involving an external, independent consultant lowers the risk of missing an important point in an IT decision and extends your scope of reasoning by incorporating experience from additional projects.


Perhaps you have an interesting prospective project which does not fit your current technology portfolio perfectly, or perhaps you would like to introduce a new tool or information system to your user group, along with the required process enhancements. Through targeted training activities and technical assistance from a consultant, you can insure your team against difficulties in implementation and address concerns about the necessity of changes.

IT outsourcing

As a small or medium-sized enterprise or research group you might not have a specialized IT department at your disposal. It is then sensible to delegate IT decisions and their implementation to an external consultant. In contrast to big consulting companies, I also welcome smaller cooperation partners. Of course, you benefit from the same service quality as my larger corporate clients, and you do not have to enter long-term up-front contractual commitments.

Short-term help

As a user of information technology or software developer, you can sometimes become stuck within a project if unexpected difficulties occur that lie outside of your own area of expertise. By involving an external specialist you can overcome the problem efficiently in order to focus back on your core competencies.