Jan Ploski – Services for corporate clients

I offer my corporate clients assistance during internal application development and systems integration projects. I also offer my services as a freelance team member or project manager while dealing with your own corporate customers.

The growth of an enterprise, market changes, maturation of information technology and process all inevitably lead to the introduction of new information systems that need to be deployed into and integrated with an existing IT infrastructure. Software engineering helps to improve the transparency, efficiency, and reuse of software, and to adjust software systems to match varying business processes. Apart from functional aspects, the heterogeneity of data is a significant problem. Similar kinds of information are represented in different systems in different ways and consumed by diverse user groups.

Within this context the role of an application developer or system integrator resembles that of a proxy or translator. Foremost, the parties participating in information exchange must be determined, and their shared or diverging goals must be understood. Through introducing stable, future-proof technical interfaces mutual benefits are realized, be it through cost reduction or by enabling new services and products. This always happens on top of evolving technologies, standards, and design metaphors that are used to simplify and unify communication and is further reflected in the preferred middleware products and software architectures. However, the core problems and constraints on performance, data consistency and security do remain the same, much like the professional skill set of those responsible for the solutions.

Accordingly, I offer you my services in the following areas:

  • Requirements elicitation
  • Object-oriented and service-oriented software development
  • Development of interfaces / system integration
  • Data modelling
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Software quality assurance