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IT outsourcing

The term "IT outsourcing" usually reminds us of organizational actions undertaken by big corporations to delegate their cost-intensive internal IT departments to external specialized service companies. However, information technology can also be quite a hurdle for smaller companies and professionals, who typically first try to cope with it using their own limited resources, such as employees, acquaintances, or hired computer science students. Relying on these people has obvious cost benefits. Yet, it can become a liability in the long term, if your assistants cannot solve some difficult problem, pursue a suboptimal, time-intensive solution due to a lack of broad experience, or simply become unavailable at some time. The danger lies in the fact that as a manager you might not be able to adequately assess the competence of your technical assistants, easily compare it to alternatives, or even openly criticize the perceived weaknesses. In order to side-step these issues, it is beneficial to hire a qualified external specialist to take care of your computer systems as they grow in number and complexity. If you do, it is likely that your problems will turn from being challenges to routine cases, which can be handled with due professionalism.

If you feel that the above description fits your situation, I would like to offer you my services in the area of system administration and IT consulting. In this way you can benefit from the same service quality as the big corporate clients. You can concentrate on the core mission of your business or association and let go of your IT problems. There is no need to engage into long-term support contracts - you can pay for the actual time spent on the job, which is estimated before a task is performed.

Software product management and product development

Innovative software which excels at its particular intended purpose is rarely a brainchild of a programmer. Rather, the idea is most often developed by a domain expert who can estimate the needs, thought processes, and common behaviors of the prospective users thanks to personal experience, and who does perceive a gap in the pre-existing solutions. Typically, the quality and market readiness of the idea can only be assessed by means of a software prototype. A working demo version can be presented to potential license purchasers and/or specialist press.

As an inventor of a software product or a software-based service, you need professional assistance when undertaking the first steps toward making your product available - and perhaps later on just as well. Based on experience, it is not a simple process, especially if you are a non-technical person confronted with the need to select developers. It is possible that you receive wildly differing bids on your project. It may be difficult to formulate your concepts in a way understandable by the developers and to assess differences and ramifications of their offered technical solutions. Perhaps you have even burnt your fingers in previous projects of this kind.

In this context I offer to you:

  • Consulting during the selection of solutions, assistance in writing down formal requirements, negotiations with software developers, technical quality control for delivered works, connecting you with further experts
  • Development of a desired software prototype, documentation, and optionally creation of a web site for your software product, including a shopping cart or an e-commerce distribution channel

Please keep in mind that the roles named above should not be mixed within a single project in order to retain a neutral, objective consulting perspective, and that they require different contractual agreements. It is best to contact me without obligation to discuss the available options. Of course, your product idea will be kept confidential and can be additionally protected through an expressly signed non-disclosure agreement before the project commences.